Getting Started


The first three days have been quite busy, full of new information and people.  Early course readings have been enlightening and somewhat ironic.  I could  not help but note the similarities between how I am feeling about my role as a learner and human being and the way that learners are described by MacKeracher.  I realize that I am only now becoming truly aware of who I am; I have experienced feelings of indulgence as I am able to relate much of what I am already learning in my graduate studies, to where I am at in my personal quest to define/discover my identity.  I am thrilled by this!

This is the right path; I am comforted by the reaffirmation I am discovering in my studies.


A Grand Entry

This marks the inaugural entry of what I am confident will become a valuable place for reflection and communication.

Getting Organized

The hours are ticking by as I listen to the seagulls outside of my office window.  Already I am feeling challenged and with that some feelings frustration but, more importantly, I am experiencing exhilaration! The journey has begun.

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