New Directions

With little inclination to continue working on the myriad projects before me, I’ve decided to purge… I mean write.

My life is chaotic; it’s great, but requiring much concentration to keep everything straight and to maintain motivation.  I’ve been feeling exhilarated, satisfied, challenged, inspired, appreciated … terrified, embarrassed, isolated, frustrated & challenged.

Nearly six weeks ago, I committed to being an “Active Participant” in mobiMOOC.  I even got so far as to create and post a rather preposterous mLearning project idea.  Many thanks to everyone who perused it *burning cheeks* even though no-one had the audacity to ask the questions “Really?” “Is this realistic?” 😉 I was so excited by the prospect of participating in my second MOOC and was truly inspired by the material and our facilitator, Ignatia.  This project idea has crossed my cluttered mind numerous times in the past weeks, usually, as I considered removing my last blog post.  However, I decided to leave it, with the promise that I would own it, and explain my shift in perspective when I could…

What I hadn’t anticipated was a job offer.  Last spring I decided to become a project manager; three weeks ago, I got the job.  The entire team at CloverPoint Cartographics has taken me on board and I have never felt so welcome and appreciated by a new ‘group’ as I have felt getting to know each of them.

In addition to this new career, I have also confirmed details related to my instructional design eLearning internship project.  The details provide clarity.  What has become strikingly clear is that there is much research & development to be done 🙂  Developing additional skills related to using Articulate Online is slowing progress.  This minimal productivity is not doing anything to increase motivation.  Motivating an individual is tricky; 3 or 4 Selves would be handy 😉

… works in progress.


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