Trying on new hats

One of the primary lessons learned during the final year of my education degree was in developing my teacher persona; something I feel was somewhat sorted out after about 5 years in front of k-12 students.  Here I sit, 7 years after graduation attempting to articulate my online facilitator persona.

To facilitate this process, my rru cohort has been presented with a number of readings on philosophy including Dewey’s  (1916) Democracy and Education and Schonwetter, Sokal, Friesen, and Taylor’s (2002) Teaching philosophies reconsidered: A conceptual model for the development and evaluation of teaching philosophy statements.  These readings, combined with my experience facilitating within 4 very real walls last week, wearing my teacher hat that doesn’t seem to fit so well anymore, has me feeling elated, confused, and somewhat frustrated.  Elated because for the first time ever, I truly feel as though I am getting to know who I am and as a result, am able to share more of myself with others- the passion I possess for eLearning will shine through and (hopefully) motivate my students.  Confused because I have to put a name on it, describe it, present it, it, it, it… and frustrated because I believe that a shift in my thinking approach to the task at hand will provide some enlightenment and allow me to clearly express my more modern philosophy, but I am not sure how to make such a shift happen…

So then, a plan: make some notes and then review the readings for the details

Some things to consider…
student-facilitator (teacher) interaction:
– it is my responsibility to provide my learners with a safe environment for learning where they feel comfortable expressing their thoughts, opinions, and personal stories.
– As the SME, it is my responsibility to share my subject matter expertise with my students to enhance their learning experiences, this can be done using a variety of teaching strategies and learning objects and by simply being me and sharing what I am passionate about.
– It is my responsibility to
student-student interaction:
student-content interaction:
listed in order of my personal priorities 😉


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