A brainstorm with networks at the centre, is swirling as it grows in awareness.

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Making connections…
Connecting with people has never been a talent of mine but as my enthusiasm and passion grows for learning and technology, I feel more and more compelled to shout from the rooftops “I love learning!”  The desire to surround myself with people I can talk to is coaxing me out of my anti-social shell and it feels amazing.  I have enjoyed a variety of conversations that I could never have imagined and life is starting to make sense.  I am inspired.

Acknowledging connections…
A confession: “when you would talk about us working together, I never saw what you saw”
We did the math and figured out that four years have passed since I was inspired to apply for and was accepted into the Masters in Distance Education program at Athabasca University.  Four years ago, if my partner had asked me to describe what us working together would really look like I would have provided a description something like “well…we’ll design custom software training programs for companies who need them,” vague.  Even ten months ago, I did not have the contextual detail necessary to describe what I want to be doing in my dream job; but now I do 😉  Our week has been fueled with discussions related to my gushing affinity for learning theory, connectivism in particular, and he responded with concepts related to software architecture and development which evolved into a discussion about knowledge creation that occurs when we (in the broadest sense) interact with each other, and when we interact with technology and (most exciting to both of us) when we interact with each other through, about, and with technology.

Understanding connections…
My brain feels ready to burst with tectonic shifts related to my perceptions of knowledge creation and approaches to teaching *ahem* facilitating.


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