shopping for MOOCs, an investment in CCK11

I love shopping! Really, really, but was forced to curb my spending habits as I got closer to 35; chalking it up to maturity.

My interests have shifted.  Old inclinations to spend money are becoming yellow and dingy.

This morning I attended the premier Elluminate session for CCK11, my first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) experience.  My current feeling of elation is not incomparable to the thrill of a successful trip to Winner’s Home Sense but I haven’t spent a penny.  The experience requires only a personal investment and I choose how much.
There is something greatly empowering in understanding and valuing the experiences we choose for ourselves; “You will get out of the course, what you choose to put in”.  There are no tests, ‘readings’ include videos to be viewed at my convenience, and perspectives from around the world can be shared, discussed, expanded on, etc.  As I meander through the halls of New Academia Centre my heart swells and my pulse begins to race.

My participation in  Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2011 (CCK11) was inspired by recent research and interest in the theory of Connectivism; which I am discovering is the learning theory at the heart of my personal philosophy of education.

The MOOC course is up and running, concurrently with my grad program LRNT504 (soon to be 505), the 3 week online “Introduction to Project Management” and an open course of learning & knowledge analytics that also caught my eye while shopping at New Academia.

I feel quite aware of what I ‘need’ to put into each of these courses and where my priorities are; but how wonderful to have a shopping basket spilling over with free, interactive, collaborative  and so very connected learning opportunities!


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