Ok, I’m responsible.  Early last week, I nay have been overheard expressing curiousity about laughter yoga.  Now I know 😉

8:30 yoga followed by …. finishing with 4 1/2 hours of case study presentation prep.  Then home to blog!


So, typos and all, I’m off to bed wishing my chort sound and restful sleep free from learning theory or research terms.

Just think, only 2 more days of academic boot-camp and then it’s a piece of cake right?

To my amazing, fun, and supportive team, cheers & many thanks 🙂


Regarding the Case Study: Hindsight

The case study assignment presented a number of challenges unique to my second team; I found myself focused more on how/when things were getting done and less on what I was experiencing through my individual research.

In trying to get a jump-start on the assignment, I focused my research on journal articles; as much as possible, I located full-text materials in the RRU library databases.  I was amazed with the response I received to an email asking for assistance in locating additional material.  The Librarian’s response was filled with information regarding the articles I requested and was supplemented with four more suggestions that they hoped I would find useful.  Our librarians are a spectacular resource; their passion is evident in the services they provide for us.

Interestingly, little material from these articles made its way into our final presentation or executive summary.  Practicing the skills of using available databases was of great value to me and I will approach future research endeavours more confidently.

As a team, we did not establish clear roles or individual expectations.  Would I be presumptuous in claiming that this was due, at least in part, to the reality that we were a team composed of four men and one woman?  While I blatantly led our team in organization, much of the individual components fell into creation collaboratively.  Our presentation took shape over the course of many hours working together around tables.  Individuals researched unique components but it was fascinating to watch succinct details evolve through holistic discussions about the scope of the project, our audience, and our achievement goals.

Once we had established a clear audience and our educational purposes, we found it much easier to apply appropriate learning theories to justify our proposal.  We shared a collective sigh of relief when we realized that the following were case study appropriate:
•    Intrinsic motivation (Kalyuga, Chandler & Sweller 1998) = no= one wants to get sick
•    Observational Learning (Social Learning Theory—Bandura) = monkey see- monkey do
•    Neo-Behaviourism (Skinner) = passengers will respond to the stimuli we provide
Applying these theories to a specific example allowed each of us to develop a clearer understanding of each one.

Our post discussion debriefing was a highly valuable component of the Case Study assignment even though we did not break down our process and analyze our ‘feelings’ (all boys remember 😉  We shared a few knuckle bumps and smiles of congratulations and relief. But, more importantly, we discussed personal areas of weakness and where to find opportunities to strengthen such skills in the future, in addition to acknowledging appreciation for the individual elements that we contributed.

When approaching future projects, I will confidently work with my team to assist in organization and writing as I know these are my personal strengths.  That being said, I will also embrace opportunities to learn from my colleagues how to apply and better understand learning theory in its application to a variety of scenarios.  I will also, stretch my research muscles to develop a greater breadth of knowledge about the topics I am engaging with.



  1. dscotten said,

    August 8, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    Hi Sheena,
    Interesting you ended up with four guys for your assignment! I didn’t get the easy feeling of comradery in the second group as we had in the first. That ended up I think being a good thing, as I got to learn how to work through these things and as a group we discovered that above all, we have to let our own feelings known or people can end up angry or upset for literally no existing reason. Learning that however became a major lesson for the group, and we still managed to pull off what I thought was a very reasonable presentation.

    It is funny how the relevance of the tasks we are assigned seem to emerge (as you were saying about the learning theories) when probable these should be the first things we look for when starting a project!

    I very much enjoyed working with you in our session, and look forward to seeing what you do in the future, and working with you again,

    • sheena4rru said,

      August 8, 2010 at 4:36 pm

      Thanks for your kind words Dave; I very much enjoyed time spent with you. Our team dynamics for the article critique assignment were amazing, truly a highlight of my residency experience. I anticipate facing the challenges you have described with your case study team and thank you for sharing the lessons you’ve learned. You all dealt with it bravely and have acquired valuable new skills as a result.
      I look forward to future discussions and opportunities to work together.

  2. Lisa'sBlog said,

    August 12, 2010 at 9:50 am

    Interesting the experiences we three had! I can’t help but comment, even if only to say “me too!” Dave and I ended up on the same, second team together. I don’t know if our first team experience was particularly wonderful or the second particularly difficulty, but there were very significant differences. It was quite valuable, though, as Dave has said – we did pull it together well, and how well our team pulled everything together was commented on, on the feedback. I wonder if the first experience was particularly good, because we were all being so “careful” and then when it went so well, we perhaps relaxed a bit with the second group? I think this is turning into a bit of a personal conversation between the three of us (!) but I just wanted to share.

    It would be lovely to work with you guys again – regardless of why, there was awesome synergy between the 4 of us! It will be one of my best memories of residency!


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