Ah Ha

Leaving the house, arms laden with 2 clumsy bags and a cup of coffee.  Calm…really?  Bags settled in the trunk.  I move to sit but pause to wonder “What the h@ll?”  After a few long minutes of rubbing away the oozy splatters on my new ‘first day of school skirt’ I realized that I had been pooped on.  No time to change, grin and go.  Good luck right?

“You will learn a lot!” My instructor’s words run across my mind every day and with a smile, I know; I am experiencing the certainty every day.

One of my struggles this week was with the idea of being placed into a number of teams and I questioned, why, after being taught to avoid the negative implications of setting up teams in my secondary classes, were our RRU instructors placing us into direct competition with the peers we were forging productive relationships with?  Now that the second team assignment is complete, I have come to the understanding that the idea of a team itself is not focused on  competition and the nature of winning but rather, teams create an environment of accomplishment in working with others to be successful in common endeavours. 🙂  Learning how to work outside of the isolation of my teaching classroom is eye-opening.  For the first time, that I can remember, I am enjoying being part of different teams; we value each other more than I ever could have imagined.  They do not rely on me to ‘beat’ anyone else at anything, rather, we welcome each other’s unique talents and perspective.


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